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The early graying of the hair is nightmare for every woman who needs to deal with it. The gray hair makes them look and feel older them they really are, so they try every possible method to cover them using different products loaded with chemicals and dyes not paying any attention to the side effects.
This condition can be a result of some health problems and other factors like melanin deficit, use of bad hair products, smoking, pollution, stress, thyroid problems, hormonal imbalance, colds and sinusitis.
Instead of using harmful products to cover the gray hair you can try the natural remedy with lemon e coconut oil which makes the gray hair dark again.

This is what you need:
Coconut oil – organic
 3 teaspoons of freshly squeezed lemon
Mix the two ingredients and apply the mixture on the hair massaging it. Leave it on for 60 minutes before washing it off with shampoo. Repeat the treatment once a week.
These two ingredients are very healthy. The coconut oil contains medium chain fats and lauric acid which are great for the health of the hair and also it has anti-bacterial properties.
The lemon contains vitamin C and B and phosphorus and it stops the process of early greying.
This natural remedy will nourish the scalp, it will repair the damaged hair, it will eliminate the dandruff and it will make the hair grow faster.
Source = "https://healthyfoodwhisperer.com/coconut-oil-lemon-will-make-grey-hair-dark/"

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