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Lighten Dark Underarms NATURALLY & PERMANENTLY

Learn How To Get Rid Of Dark Underarms n Lighten Dark Underarms Instantly & Permanently!! Dark armpits should not be the reason to avoid sleeveless tops or dresses , follow this tip of mine 4 times a week n have the courage to wear sleeveless n raise your hands anytime with those fair n even toned underarms !! must try this. Dark underarms have been an embarrassing problem, both for men and women alike. But do you know the reasons why there can be a discoloration in the armpit area?

** SHAVING If your armpit hair is darker than the color of your skin, then shaving can cause dark underarms. Shaving only cuts the hair off at the surface of your skin. This darkness is due to the hair follicles that are just below the surface of your skin. Shaving may also cause itching if a sharp razor is not used. Shaving too much will lead to skin hardening and skin darkening because of the irritation and abrasions caused.Waxing gets rid off the hair right from the roots, making the darkness less visible.

**DEAD SKIN CELLS Dead cells are formed all over our body and accumulates on the surface of our skin. The underarms are no exception to this. Accumulation of dead skin cells around the underarms may be another reason for darkness in the area.

** USE OF DEOS & ANTI PERSPIRANTS Deodorants and antiperspirants sure does protect the body from bad odor. But, these also contain chemicals that may be harmful for the skin causing it to be dark.

**FRICTION CAUSED BY TIGHT CLOTHES Underarms are sensitive areas and wearing tight clothing can cause friction between the cloth and your skin. This can cause discoloration.

Today I will share one very simple 2 step treatment that will darkness from this rea completely

Step 1) SCRUB
You will need:

  1. Baking soda 1TSP
  2. potato juice 4TSP
  3. Honey 1TSP
  4. Mix all of them in a clean bowl and your scrub is ready. Apply this paste on your clean underarms and massage gently for 2 minutes.

Step 2) PACK

You will need

  1. Buttermilk/Curd 2TSP
  2. Lemon juice 1TSP
  3. Gooseberry powder 2TSP
  4. Mix all of these in a clean bowl and your pack is ready.apply this pack on your underarms and leave it for 20 minutes

Wash it off using plain water


Source ="https://glowpink.com/blog/lighten-dark-underarms-naturally-permanently-instant-results/"

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