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The Right Way To Apply Face Masks

The Right Way To Apply Face Masks

All of us apply face masks, they are the best way to pamper yourself and it also deep clean your skin by removing dirt, oil, makeup and impurities from the surface of the skin. But most of the time we do not follow the right way to apply them. Use below listed easy to use steps while applying any face mask (either homemade or ready to use)

1. If you are using a homemade mask, make sure each ingredient is fresh. Also keep all required tools with you like brush, cotton, water, toner, moisturizer
2. Cut slices of cucumber or potato, you will use it to put on your eyes

3. Keep all these things in the refrigerator to make them cool, in the meantime wash your face with clean water.

4. Steam your face to open the pores for just 2 minutes. As an alternative, take a washcloth and dip it in hot water (as hot as your face can bear) and cover your face with the washcloth till it cools off.

5. Apply the face mask with a brush. If you are applying mask by hand, make sure that your hands are clean.

6. After applying the mask, keep the cucumber or potato slices on your eyes and relax till the time advised on the product or till the mask dries off. Switch off the light. It relaxes you better.

7. After some time(If you are applying ready to use a mask from the market, check for time to apply. Also if you are using a homemade mask, do not let them dry completely) wipe off the mask with a wet washcloth or cotton pad.

8. Follow with a toner and a moisturizer.

9. Some additional tips to follow:

  • It is important to choose the right ingredient to make a face mask according to your skin type.
  • Do not exceed the number of ingredients suggested in the face mask or else it may react with your skin.
  • Never use apple cider vinegar or essential oils directly on your skin, always mix it in a face pack and then use it or else it will burn down your skin.
  • Make sure that you always use a face pack applicator.
  • While applying a face mask, apply it in upward strokes for a mild, instant facelift.
  • Wash off the face mask immediately after it dries out, do not keep it on for too long or else it may lead to itching or a skin allergy.
  • Even while preparing the face pack, they always mix the dry ingredients first and then add the liquid or gel followed by oil to get a smooth, lump-free face pack.
  • If you are using a commercial face pack then read the instructions at the back of the container carefully and follow them to reap the maximum benefits from your face pack.
  • Do not forget to always conduct a patch test before applying anything on your face.
  • Do not apply the face pack on your under eye area, it will dry out your skin excessively.
  • Always use a moisturizer after removing your face mask.

10. Other than all the above-mentioned point which you should be following when using and applying face masks, there are a few things which you should be aware of so that you do not do that. These are the points which you should avoid while using a face mask.

  • You do not just have to use all the face masks during the day when you are awake. You can definitely use many of the face masks overnight to get your skin a better to absorb the nutrients and benefits from it.
  • Do not go overboard with this though, not all masks benefit just from the amount of time it is on your skin. Some masks need to be removed in a specific time frame, so do not think to just leave it on for as long as possible. It will depend on the type of masks but you should follow the instructions that came with it just to be safe at first until you can figure out and understand the intricacies of the mask and the effects it haves on your specific skin.
  • Always remember to moisturize after. Many ladies may forget about this because they have just washed their face but most of the face masks actually strip the moisture off of the skin so it becomes quite important that you restore that moisture. So, just apply a moisturizer at the end. Anyway, you should always have a moisturizer handy considering how important it is for our skin to stay hydrated if you want it to stay and look healthy.
  • Every woman wants to better her skin but to achieve that truly, you need to be consistent and persistent and diligent. Just one or two applications of any mask would hardly be able to have any significant or noticeable effects on your skin. You will only see results if you stick with it and keep using the masks as instructed to be used.
  • Always remember to clean your hands properly before you apply the mask, especially if you are using your fingertips, our hands are one of the dirtiest parts of our skin even if they seem clean. Thus, you can introduce bacteria and impurities to your skin albeit unintentionally, but the result will be the same.
  • Customize your treatment, you do not have to stick to the bill every time. As you gain more and more understanding and experience you will be able to alter and modify the masks according to your needs and skin’s needs. So do not hesitate to go off the beaten path if you think the other path will be better for your specific needs.
  • Lastly, be measured with your approach and don’t be wasteful. Applying excessive amounts of the mask will not have better effects. You are just wasting your ingredients, money, and time that way. So, use the appropriate amounts as that will have as much of as an effect that you are going to get with the mask.

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