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15 Amazing Thoughts A Man Has When He Finds The Right Woman You Must Know About It

15 Thoughts A Man Has When He Finds The Right Woman

1 ” I cannot fall for anyone!”

When they realize that they are slowly falling in love with someone, it scares them. It’s an alien feeling, far removed from their comfort zone. They have seen their bros getting sucked into this, it’s definitely not good right? Also, they are worried the woman will reject them, and they are probably not ready to handle the pain that will follow.

2 ” How can she be so beautiful?”

If they have found their right partner, it’s way past just physical attraction. Lust may guide them in the beginning but as time passes they will pay attention to every detail and love everything about their dream girl. They won’t be able to take their eyes off her. He will be wrapped around her finger!

3 ” I really respect whatever this is”

This new woman in his life will automatically bring about positive changes in him. He will try to be a better, respectful person for her. He respects the girl and her wishes and dreams.  There will be mutual respect in this connection. It is something he will deeply cherish and uphold.

” I will love her no matter what “

15 Thoughts A Man Has When He Finds The Right Woman 2
He loves her for who she is and how she treats him. Even if she has an unpleasant past or issues that are not easy to handle, he will still love and care for her. He will support her through it all. Her past does not dictate her future with him and he will strongly believe in it. She is all that matters to him.

5” She understands me”

15 Thoughts A Man Has When He Finds The Right Woman 3
Men tend to keep their troubles and sadness to themselves. They feel if they open up then it will turn off the person they are attracted to. However, when they meet the right woman, they feel like they can be comfortable in their own skin and would not have to worry about getting judged for their mistakes and issues because the right woman will definitely understand and respect their man and won’t belittle them for their insecurities.

6” She is the one”

When the man realizes this, the girl has already become the center of his universe. All he can think about is her. Her happiness, well-being is his ultimate priority. He does not have to fret about making positive impressions anymore and the relationship reaches a more intimate and authentic zone. He feels deeply connected to her and will do anything to protect it.

7“Is what I feel for her, love?”

The emotions surging through him that make him toss and turn at night, is it really love? It’s nothing he has felt before and it feels so strange but so right that he does not want to lose whatever this is. Even though awkward, he will still ask his experienced friends and relatives if they can put a name to his emotions. He feels giddy inside.

8 “There’s nothing about her that I would change”

Before they fall for someone, they create an ideal girl in their head- with certain eyes, hairstyle, body type, interests etc. However, on meeting the right girl they forget all about this list and find everything endearing about her. He loves all her quirks and interests. He fell in love with her because of how she is and not to change them.

9 “I don’t have cold feet anymore”

15 Thoughts A Man Has When He Finds The Right Woman 4
The guy who used to get panic attacks in the name of relationships and commitment is now eager to start this new beautiful thing with her. He knows about the changes that might come and how different his life will be and he can’t wait for it. He does not feel nervous anymore, just excited for this new beginning.

10 ” Am I good for her?”

He is worried whether he will be the right one for her. He feels insecure that she might be too good for him. So he works harder, tries more to be the man worthy of her love. He wants to be his best self. He wants to show that he will treat her right.

11 “I can talk to her all day”

Conversation flows easily with the right woman. He does not have to think about what to say and does not get bored. With common interests, it’s a lot of fun to talk to her. It’s so easy and comfortable with her and that he cannot imagine not talking to her.

12 ” Time to Settle down”

He no longer feels the need to pursue other women and indulge in flirting and all that complicated stuff when he has found the one. It seems almost childish to him, now that he knows the joy and fulfillment that comes with a stable relationship. What’s the need for the chase, when he would rather spend all his time with the woman of his dreams and make her laugh all day long?

13 “She is my destiny”

The right woman will be all that matters to him. She is perfect in his eyes. The happiness he feels being with her is inexplicable. He cannot even imagine not being with her. The thought scares him. He loves her, all of her, irrespective of her highs and lows. She is the most beautiful woman in his eyes and will continue to be so.

14 “This is so perfect!”

He used to think relationships are tedious, with constant arguments and adjustments. But with the right girl, it seems so effortless and so normal. He can’t help but wonder what exactly he was afraid of. This is exactly what he wanted- love, happiness, understanding, support. There is no awkwardness although it is new for him. It feels like second nature. The right woman has such a positive influence on him that it makes him do stuff that would have made him annoyed or cringe before.

15 ” She is my other half”

15 Thoughts A Man Has When He Finds The Right Woman 15
He can’t think of life without her. It would be too bland, too meaningless. The man who shied away from love now craves her presence all the time.

If you have had these thoughts, well congratulations, she is your Miss Right!
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