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What is the ovarian cyst and how to get rid of it

What is the ovarian cyst and how to get rid of it

Menstrual disorders can arise from many causes, and the ovarian cyst is one of them.

Ovarian cyst is a bag of fluid which is formed in the ovary and which doesn’t hurt. It’s usually discovered during an endovaginal ultrasound or when the woman is experiencing menstrual irregularities: when delays occur or bleeding outside the menstruation cycle.

Ovarian cysts occur due to hormonal disturbances and aren’t malignant, but may reappear after a while. Any woman may face this problem, except those who take birth control pills.

How to get rid of ovarian cysts

Treatment varies, depending on patient’s age and cyst’s size. Women under 30 years will get rid of the cyst after administration of medication over a period of three months. Patients over 45 years, postmenopausal, will undergo surgery and the doctor will perform a biopsy. Incidentally, when the cyst doesn’t go away with medication, surgery is recommended for women under 30 years, too.

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