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No More Varicose Veins, No Joint pain, No Memory Loss, Or Headaches Thanks to This Plant, Know It

We have read a lot about numerous natural remedies for all sorts of things.

But, some of them are truly amazing.

This is one of them.

People have been using laurel as a spice for a very long time, but not all of them have been aware of its properties.

Also, not all of them know about the medicinal oil made of laurel.

This plant is especially great because it:

– Cleanses the colon

– Boosts the immune system

– Calms the nervous system

– Increases and triggers the method of sweating

– Alleviates joint pains and treats varicose veins

Here is a recipe you can follow in order to prepare a great medicinal oil:

– 250 milliliters of olive oil

– 30 grams of bay leaves

– Mash the laurel leaves and then pour the oil all over

– Place this mixture into a pitcher bottle and close the bottle well. Leave it in a dark place for two weeks

– Do not forget to shake the bottle from time to time during these fourteen days

– Once the two weeks have passes, strain the oil using cheesecloth and pour the liquid into another container

– Store the laurel oil in a cool place

Here are the medicinal uses of the laurel oil:
– You can rub this oil onto your joints in order to relieve pain.

Just make sure you warm it before use

– If you deal with excessive headaches, take a little bit of this oil and rub it onto the temples and it will provide you with immediate relief

– You can use laurel oil instead of aspirin

– This oil can help you alleviate belly and stomach pains

– It will help you normalize the hepatic and renal function

– You can use this oil as a skin lotion and it will help you resolve different sorts of skin issues on your face.


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